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Our    Investment    Director,    Endre    Dobozy    is    Owner- Director      and      Investment      Advisor      to      Alternative Investment Specialists Ltd (AIS). AIS’s   premier   fund   is   FTM,   an   acronym   for   “Forget   the Market”,   a   fund   where   90%   to   95%   of   the   principal   is secured    by    scrupulously    qualified    medical    receivables, delivering     a     consistent     loss-free     performance     since opening   to   the   public   in   March   2010   to   date.   In   a   time when   90%   of   all   mutual   funds   have   been   losing   money for   their   clients,   FTM   has   an   average   ROI   of   just   under 10% and has never once suffered an annual loss. AIS’s   FTM   fund   won   the   World   Finance   Award   for   Best Fixed   Income   Fund   Offshore   for   2011   and   for   2012   and   a similar    award    from    the    Global    Banking    and    Finance Review   for   2012.   It   has   also   been   voted Most   Consistent Offshore   Fixed   Income   Fund   &   Most   Dynamic   Investment Product   2016 in   the   Acquisition   International   Hedge   Fund Awards   for   2015   and   recognised   by   Preqin   as   the   most consitent   hedge   fund   since   2010.   FTM   is   a   constituent both   of   the   HFRI   Relative   Value   Index   and   the   Exante Hedge   Fund   Index   and   held   a   4-star   Morningstar   rating until that register was abanoned.
Vantu    Bank    provides    a    forex    trading    platform    for brokers,    dealers    and    their    clients    in    association    with CapMar    Financial,    a    UK    based    company    registered with   the   FCA   and   part   of   the   larger   Capital   Market Services    Group    (“CMS”)    -    a    leading    provider    of liquidity in FX since 1999. Neither   Vantu   Bank   nor   CapMar   operate   a   dealing   desk or   ever   takes   a   position   opposite   to   their   clients.      All transactions   are   passed   straight   through   to   the   market, leveraging   CapMar’s   secure   relationship   with   top   tier liquidity   providers   in   a   wide   range   of   currency   pairs,   to provide   a   reliable   service   at   a   cost-effective   price   to brokers   and   their   clients   whose   resources   do   not   qualify them as enterprise-level traders. EDC   Passive   Income   Ltd.   offers   forex   trading   funds   for the    individual    investor    in    association    with    FTM-OP Ltd,     a     fund     managed     by     Alternative     Investment Specialists Ltd.
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