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Vantu   Bank   Ltd.   is   a   licensed   Vanuatu   international   private bank,    founded    in    2013.        It    was    granted    an    international banking   licence   on   14 th    November   2013.      As   an   international bank,    it    is    restricted    from    taking    Vanuatu    residents    as customers     but     it     can     have     other     Vanuatu     international companies   as   customers   and,   in   all   other   respects,   its   licence is a full operational banking licence. Vantu    Bank    operates    globally    via    the    internet    but    has    its headquarters   at   Vantu   House,   133   Santina   Parade,   Elluk,   Port Vila,    where    it    also    provides    accommodation    for    the    other companies in the EDC group.

Vantu Bank develops, offers and provides

professional, secure, private services for specific and special clients from around the world
customised investment solutions for wealth and asset management
personalised private banking services to accommodate the individual objectives of every customer

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EDC   Capital   is   in   the   late   stages   of   preparing   to   form two    insurance    subsidiaries:    one    will    obtain    a    captive insurance    licence    in    Vanuatu    and    the    other    a    life insurance   licence.      The   captive   insurance   company   will be   a   “protected   cell   company”,   allowing   it   to   effectively “share”   its   licence   with   clients   who   would   like   to   self- insure in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner. EDC   has   agreed   in   principle   for   the   companies   to   be managed     by     Vanuatu’s     leading     captive     insurance operator.
EDC   Passive   Income   Ltd   is   a   subsidiary   of   EDC   and   a Vanuatu    public    company    that    specialises    in    sourcing and   promoting   opportunities   to   create   passive   income streams.     At   the   present   time,   its   activities   are   restricted to   placing   funds   in   our   associated   forex   fund   operated by   our   associate,   FTM-OP   Ltd   (see   Investment   Funds page). EDC   Passive   Income   will   carefully   vet   and   select   other opportunities      with      emphasis      on      innovative      and environmentally    friendly    technologies    and    financial offerings.

Passive Income

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